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50° anniversary

The Centro Sviluppo Materiali (CSM) is a private Company which represents an excellence in applied research and technological innovation of Italy and Lazio.

The CSM is internationally recognized as a Company that develops advanced technological solutions in the field of materials, with particular regard to steel and special alloys, by adopting a multidisciplinary approach that covers the entire span of the innovation process, from metallurgy to physical chemistry process until application in the production chain.

The CSM is a RTO (Research Technology Organization), which operates in the global market by providing innovative technology solutions to a portfolio of international clients which has already spread to the “driving” countries  of the world economy,  such as China, Russia, India and Turkey.

With its researchers, laboratories and experimental facilities it is, since fifty years, the reference center in Europe and worldwide for material innovation and production/application technology in different industrial sectors.

The approximately 300 employees and collaborators highly qualified and specialized of the company, are 68% graduates and 30% high school graduates, while the percentage of women has recently grown to represent 21% of the workforce.

On last 18 March, the President Roberto Zocchi and the Chief Executive Officer  Mauro Pontremoli, gathered in the historical site of Castel Romano in Rome, together with all the employees and collaborators from the various Company’s site in Italy, to launch the celebrations of the 50th Anniversary of the Centro Sviluppo Materiali, exactly on the day of its foundation, which dates back to March 18, 1963.

With such a qualified audience, was held the CSM’s  first event of celebrations of its 50s, during which the Management has wanted to create an opportunity to focus on the Center ‘s current situation and prospects, from the roots. On the same day was presented the program of events scheduled in the next few months, some of which specifically devoted to "stakeholder" and institutions with the aim of highlighting the importance of the Centro Sviluppo Materiali  as an "asset" of great value to our country.

"Clear evidence that research is one of the areas to focus on for the future in order to give the Region real prospects of development in the name of innovation": by these words, the newly elected President of the Lazio Region, Nicola Zingaretti, expressed his personal appreciation towards the Company.

The fifty years of Research and Development , have qualified the CSM as one of the important nodes of the research network in Europe, with a strong involvement in the community research and with the institutional presence in organisms that play a decisive role in the future Horizon 2020 program .

This anniversary is a step of particular relevance to strongly revive the role of the CSM as a valuable national resource for the competitiveness of Italian companies in important sectors of the manufacturing industry,  particularly thanks to strategic innovations developed in the field of materials.

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