IPR Policy

Tangible assets are losing their capacity of generating above-normal returns; at the same time low-cost labour production is becoming widely available across the globe: so many companies turn to intangible assets as a source of reliable competitive advantages.

These assets include the workforce quality, innovative products and processes as well as new ways of organizing business activities and processes. Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) refer to those intangible assets that are legally secured though some rights which entitle the owner to exclusive use of the protected matter.


To fit this evolving scenario CSM, as a knowledge-based company, has changed its own vision on the fundamental economic aspects of the research results, by considering IPR, “confidentiality”, and “secrecy” a primary dominion of both its cultural substrate and daily operational practices.

On one side “confidentiality” and “secrecy” are thus widely used for protecting the value of know-how, proprietary processes, formulae, and technical data.


The “Intellectual Property Rights” policy is adopted to specifically preserve the economic value of the innovative achievements through the careful selection of Intellectual Property tools like patents, trademarks, utility models, designs and copyrights.


On the other CSM approaches “Confidentiality” and “Intellectual Property Rights” by even taking into account the contractual constraints set by shareholders and customers in their commitment. Accordingly the ownership of intellectual property rights is usually restricted to the sole basic and theoretical aspects of R&TD results.


Thanks to this approach, the Company is able to increase its knowledge-based assets and its capability for enhancing customers' competitiveness.

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