Technical Scientific Committee

CSM Technical-Scientific Committee is meant to support and foster the three-years Company’s strategic targets, by defining CSM Technical-Scientific Plan in accordance with both Company’s medium term technological and market prospects (3-5 years) and the monitoring of its implementation.

The above is carried out by:

  1. The preparation and updating of technical-scientific road maps developed for each department of the Company, including also both analysis and identification of tangible and intangible assets requested for CSM proper and strategic positioning in the marketplace of national and international research reference, in the light of technological scenarios, in perspective.
  2. The promotion and development of external collaborations network at national and international level, to monitor both the evolution of the technological-scientific reference disciplines of the Company and the operational/scientific and educational synergies. (for ex. garrison of relations with scientific institutions, specialized collaborations with Universities, activations of PhD, Academic Degree, Master’s Degree)
  3. The definition and monitoring of the Company Training Plan to guard and strengthen existing excellence and to support the development of CSM expertise, also in new technological areas of interest for shareholders.

The identification, promotion and definition of operational proposals for the turnover of researchers in Europe.

Committee Membership consists of Senior Scientist as “Leader of major importance and experienced Know How” of the Company; the Committee is open, flexible and targeted to both acknowledge and evaluate the contributions of all organizational entities from CSM ( Business Areas, Competence Areas, Projects...) and all external members qualified for different sectors of intervention (very important Academic people and/or Managerial).

The Committee is composed by:

  • Ing. Tommaso Coppola (Products and Components Design)
  • Dr. Antonello Di Donato ( Physical Chemistry of Industrial Processes)
  • Ing. Maurizio Lubrano (Rolling Technology)
  • Ing. Maria Rita Ridolfi (Solidification Processes and Fundamentals)
  • Ing. Giuseppe Rosario Todarello (Environmental Technologies)
  • Dr. Mario Tului (Surface Science and Coating Technologies)
  • Dr. Michele De Santis (Industrial Processes Fluid-dynamics)
  • Dr. Paolo Emilio Di Nunzio (Metallurgy of  Carbon and  Microalloyed Steels)
  • Dott.ssa Loredana Di Sante (Sustainability in Steelmaking)
  • Ing. Valerio Moroli (Instrumentation and Advanced Measuring Systems)
  • Dott.ssa Oriana Tassa (Metallurgy of Special Steels and Alloys)

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