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Energy & Environment

CSM's offer on the development of innovative technologies for wastes treatment and low environment impact energy production, makes our company relevant in Italy and worldwide according to its commitment on the healthy relationship between industrial development and quality of life.

Significant size pilot plants and chemical and physical analysis labs allow CSM to issue feasibility studies and experimental campaigns tailored to evaluate the client's needs before taking the burden of committing to a full scale development, thus contributing to sensibilise the community towards environmental matters.

From December 1997, when more than 160 nations met in Kyoto (Japan) to negotiate binding limitations on greenhouse gases, the demand for more energy savings and awareness on environment protection has been continuously rising.

It was at that time that Centro Sviluppo Materiali S.p.A. also got strongly involved on energy and environment technologies.

In fact, a remarkable fourty-years' know-how acquired by working on Iron&Steel processes (i.e., melting, combustion, etc.), materials (metals, ceramics, refractories, etc.) and high temperature technologies (i.e., blast furnaces, heating furnaces, chemical reactors, etc.), gave the Company the foundations to efficiently match the challenges coming from a new environment-aware world by providing original solutions for waste treatment (i.e., dangerous or less toxyc urban and industrial wastes, etc.), their intertization and conversion into energy or secondary raw materials and by giving remarkable contributions in the development of high yield, low emission advanced burners and furnaces.
The Centro Sviluppo Materiali S.p.A. technological offer concerns the following three stacked levels:
  • feasibility study,
  • technology development,
  • industrial scaling-up.
The former is focused on addressing the process which best fits the client's demand amongst several possible technologies (pyrolisis, gasification, combustion, melting, etc.) and takes advantage of analysis data from on-field measurements. Refined statistical methodologies, having passed hundreds of numerical simulations, laboratory scale testing and economical appraisals, are used in this activity.
The latter basically concerns the development of the required process by means of “ad hoc” personalizations of CSM experimental facilities. Therefore, it mostly consists of design and plant prototypes development, experimental campaigns aimed at defining the best operational practices and the qualification of the prototype and the scaled-up process in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and costs. The design of the plant, its construction and installation, and the process start-up and tuning may complement the offer.

By merging and integrating this deep knowledge on energy and environment with already developed technologies and expertises (surface engineering, foundry, thermofluiddynamics, forming, mechanical calculus, ceramics, high temperature chemistry, etc.), CSM is able to bring to bear original technological solutions in order to guarantee performing, reliable and fitting industrial processes.


In this way CSM is able to make industrial targets compatible with enviromental concerns by way of: wastes thermaldestruction, organic wastes thermalvalorization and secondary raw materials recovery processes.
This capability is supported by a Plasma Torch, a Cyclon Combustor, a Rotary Kiln pilot plant at its headquarter in Rome, and an Electric Arc facility located at Terni.
A Combustion Station at Dalmine (Bergamo) is devoted to the development of new generation environmental-friendly burners.
All these equipments are of the necessary power (up to 1 MW of installed power) for simulating real process conditions and dispensing of the need for expensive full-scale data validations.

The company is also intensively involved in R&D projects and activities concerning the End of Life Vehicles (ELV) disposal issues and vehicles' Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) aimed at both helping the automotive industry to fit the European Directive 2000/53/CE (recovery and re-use of least the 85% of vehicle weights) and reducing such heavy metals as Pb, Hg, Cd, Cr-VI in surface coatings.
CSM's involvement in ELV issues regards the development of Integrated Systems for Fluff Treatment based on two processes: Volatilisation Rotary Kiln - devoted to turn the Fluff into secondary raw materials and -Gasification Rotary Kiln - for the final energy production.

The company is also skilled to provide clients with special services to improve the disponibility and efficiency of plants. CSM has, in fact, developed methodological approaches to asses the causes of failure, their rate (statistical analisys of MTBF, MMTR,ecc.) and the technological solutions and methodological approaches useful to improve the situation (new materials and manufacturing technologies, optimized inspection plans, etc.).

This intimate, continuous and growing relationship among the community of persons, institutions, groups and industries involved in Energy & Environment has enabled the company to take part to the casting of italian norms and laws governing the Integrated Management Systems of Municipal Solid Wastes (Ronchi decree law 22/97). That contribution has been recognized as particularly remarkable for the following aspects:
  • technological innovation of Mechanical and Biological Treatments (MBT),
  • technologies for the use of Stabilised Organic Fraction (SOF) in the production of Synthetic Soil (site recovery),
  • technologies for the use of Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF),
  • innovation in thermovalorization and thermal inertization through new technologies.
So a client may find in CSM the Environmental Platform able to offer unique technological solutions on the most important environmental issues conceived to go beyond the current state of the art.

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