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Mechanics & Transportation

CSM's technological offer to the mechanics and land based transportation industry (i.e. rail, automotive, ship) is provided by integrating more and more performing and cost-effective materials with reliable processes able to satisfy the needs of transportation industries, taking advantage of a through-the-process concurrent engineering approach putting together the knowledge on materials, forming and surface technologies, virtual and physical modelling, and cost analysis.

Centro Sviluppo Materiali integrates modern design methodologies for structural integrity, fatigue, damage tolerance and crash worthiness with a knowledge on materials, manufacturing technologies, mathematical calculus and modelling in order to offer customized technological services to the mechanic and transportation industries.

The possibility of attaining lighter, safer, low environment impact and competitive life-cycle-cost components, frames and mechanical systems, allows Centro Sviluppo Materiali to provide processes or product solutions able to match the semi-product manufacturer's and end-user's needs.

New concepts are turned into real and more performing prototypes and so the choice of the specific Material conditions both the design, the aspects related to the semi-product development and those concerning its transformation into a complex-shaped component endowed with particular functional features, so becoming central in the whole development cycle.
Centro Sviluppo Materiali has the capability of governing the material design, the through-the-process and product metallurgy for plain carbon, microalloyed and stainless steels, superalloys, light alloys, composite and ceramics from melting and solidification to final thermo-mechanical processing and heat treatment.
In fact the availability of medium-size foundry facilities gives CSM the complete autonomous home-chance to cover all the experimental needs.
A rich set of standard instruments for microstructural & microanalitical analysis and mechanical testing, complemented by a strong elaborative power and physical and metallurgical modelling capabilities, allows CSM to define the best manufacturing practices for high quality flat, long and tubular semiproducts.

Machinability , weldability and the possibility of producing surfaces able to sustain wear, corrosion or effective painting, are matched with Centro Sviluppo Materiali's expertises and laboratories for surface engineering, painting, corrosion prevention, welding and joining.
Our unique capability in developing new prototypes of mechanical parts, sub-assemblies and complete structures, stems from the company's skill in the alloy design of steels, light materials and high temperature materials, the ability of enacting complex forming and shaping processes and the broad availability of full- and medium-size pilot facilities devoted to shape tubular or flat semi- near-net-shape-products.
Thus, the alloy design is only the first important item of the integrated product concurrent engineering cycle by which CSM is able to extract technological intelligent databases (TechDbw ©) on materials, shaping processes, coatings, structures, etc., for designers and manufacturers .
Still no offer could be complete without facilities allowing the full control and test of all the phases of the process. This is where our integrated testing capability contributes to the product development at coupon (e.g., hardness,resilience, creep and fatigue testing) and structure level (e.g. crash, combined applied dynamic loads and fatigue testing).

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