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Oil & Gas

CSM represents a trustworthy technological partner for Oil&Gas players due to its offer wholly covering each and every single aspect related to the product development: the raw tube manufacturing, the design and implementation of the full-fledged components ready for production - either for On and Off-Shore estraction fields or transport lines - and the full scale pre-exercize tests in designed situations.

Expertise gained in manufacturing, metallurgy, modelling&design and engineering activities coupled with a unique test&evaluation capability are proved through experience and deployed through technology.

The real challenging nature of Oil&Gas technologies depends on the set of demanding requirements for high reliability standards they are expected to satisfy before being able to be considered ready-to-be deployed.

In fact, since most of the discovered resources are far from end-using markets, located, as they are, in such harsh areas as deep-water offshore basins or on-shore but in extreme climatic and orographic conditions, Oil&Gas extraction and transport systems need a continuous effort to guarantee the competitiveness of the measures used to overcome those issues.

Thus, Oil&Gas industry conjugates its vocation for highly technical approaches with a pragmatic and strictly targeted effort toward the specific business related objectives.

As a typical example of those opportunities for business, to reach specific high value end-user may imply the deployment of thousand kilometres off- and on-shore pipelines or the management of 3.000 meters deep well-heads digging deep in the ocean conveyed through flowlines and risers submitted to randomly changing hydrodynamic fatigue loads.

Those achievements require a wide spectrum of technologies, from the material metallurgy (e.g., more performing high-grade steels or Corrosion Resistant Alloys...) up to engineering , welding technology, anti-corrosion solutions and testing.
But that also requires an integrated approach in developing technological solutions which take into account all the above mentioned topics while guaranteeing an as high as possibile level of reliability, safety, security, maintenability, investment profitability and environmental sustainability.

Within this scenario the Centro Sviluppo Materiali S.p.A. organization is configured to satisfy worldwide Oil&Gas companies' needs through a complete set of capabilities matching the required technologies. 

By means of its integrated capabilities on Oil&Gas, CSM is able to transform the research results into real industrial technology achievements through a dedicated critical mass of know-how, facilities and worldwide cooperative network.
CSM can be considered as the“natural technological bridge” between the pipes producers and the Oil&Gas end-users by offering sound technological paradigms for the common issues and for the feasability of the solutions.

In the framework of manufacturing and transformation processes, product development on Materials, Products, Components, Structures and Technologies for Oil&Gas, a highly skilled and experienced staff offering multidisciplinary expertise, operating in uniquely equipped research laboratories for simulating various systems and operating environments, make CSM a powerful resource for investigative engineering and technology developments.
The ability to perform full-scale tests, within a controlled environment in simulated conditions, even in terms of process fluids, is one of the key points of the CSM offer.
The CSM Oil & Gas activities concern 3 main areas:
  • Offshore–well;
  • Offshore flowlines and risers;
  • Onshore pipelines.
For each of the areas, CSM is able to provide material development and evaluation and engineering services, fully exploiting its outstanding experimental capabilities.
The Offshore–Well area is focused on the Materials and Products Selection, development, Evaluation and assessment for Premium connections, Special Components, completion fluids and deepwater complements.
The Offshore flowlines and risers area is focused on Tubular Ducts and Components for Strained-based design applications and welded joints metallurgical developments, and Structural Integrity analysis of advanced laying processes and deepwater applications.

The Onshore lines area is composed of two main sections: the former concerning the existing lines, the latter the application of new innovative materials for new lines.
Work on the existing lines is focused on Mechanical Damage, Low-toughness linepipe characterization, Crack stoppers for low-toughness lines and Repair systems developments.
Work on X100, X120 lines is instead focused on the Ductile Fracture Propagation Control (DFPC), Low T toughness, Crack stoppers, Defect tolerance in Welds, Plastic deformation and H-embrittlement.

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