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Chemical Analysis

The Chemical Analysis Lab of Centro Sviluppo Materiali was established with the purpose to ensure the chemical analysis support to the CSM’s research activities, to be one of the Italian Reference laboratories in the field of iron and steel analysis and to carry out analyses for customers on contract basis.

The laboratory takes part in national standardization in the chemical analysis sector of iron and steel industry as well as of environment control, contributing to the study, setting up and drafting of methods and guidelines discussed and standardized in Italy (UNI, UNICHIM, UNSIDER).

Our experienced team is always ready to discuss each point of the research activities in order to find the best solution for solving the analytical difficulties.

Area of expertise:

  • Steel, iron ores, slags
  • Metal alloys
  • Process solution
  • Water: ultrapure, drinking, ground and waste water
  • Soils and solid wastes

Main facilities are:

  • Microwave oven for the acid digestion of many kind of samples in closed vessels.
  • Diffusible hydrogen LECO instrument  for the assessment of the hydrogen content in metal samples
  • O,N,H analyser LECO instrument for the analysis of metallic samples
  • Carbon and Sulfur Fast Analyzer LECO for the analysis of metal alloys, refractory materials, powders, slags and wastes;
  • X Ray Fluorescence spectrometry for the analysis of all kinds of steels, metal alloys, refractory materials, powders, oxides mixtures, cements, slags and wastes;
  • Fully automatic bead preparation system for melting slags, iron ores and other mineral samples for X ray fluorescence application
  • Pulverizer Herzog and HERZOG pellet press for the preparation of samples for x – ray fluorescence analyses
  • Plasma source optical spectrometer (ICP-OES) for the analysis of metal elements in water solutions or produced through solids dissolution;  
  • Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) to trace and sub-trace metals in water solutions or produced through solids dissolution
  • Ion Chromatography for the analysis of anions and cations in water solutions or produced through solid matrices dissolution;
  • Laboratory Analysis Spectrophotometer to analyze waste water , drinking water and process water (BOD5, COD, cyanides, CrVI, phenols, nitrites, nitrates, PCB, TOC, solphites, solphates).
  • Accelerated Solventextraction System for the quick stripping of organic compounds from solids
  • Gas Chromatography- mass spectroscopy for the analysis of organic compounds and organic micropollutants (PAH, phenols)
  • Automatic Titrator for the acid-basic and redox evaluation in process waters and solutions

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