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Technological Offer

Taking advantage of the knowledge related to the topics liste below:

  • Surface pre-treatments with special focus on the cleaning, surface conversion and mechanical finishing technologies;
  • Hot dip coatings for hot dip Zn- and Al-based ones (e.g Zn, Zn-30Al-Mg, Zn-Ni, Zn-Fe, Al-Si);
  • Organic coatings for general painting, electrophoretic coatings and coil coating;
  • Polymeric Materials which for producing adhesives, sealants and metal-plastic multi-layers hybrid composites.


CSM can provide materials producers, manufacturers and end-users with the services shown below:


  • Development/selection of surface treatments/coatings;
  • Product surface design;
  • Coatings characterization and component testing;
  • Component and process optimization;
  • Process simulation and control;
  • Personnel training;
  • Failure Analysis.

This offer is also integrated with the capability of qualifying coated products along each phase of the whole manufacturing cycle. With respect to the automotive industry products, for example, it consists of:

  • Base alloy: Chemical and mechanical characterization topography and roughness, surface contaminants;
  • Coating: Chemical composition, thickness, morphology, adhesion and ductility, aesthetics, powdering behavior.
  • Formability: Friction coefficient, stretch-forming and drawing test, forming limit diagram;
  • Weldability: Electrical spot welding: welding lobes, electrode life, microhardness profiles;
  • Adhesive Bonding: Joint strength and rupture modes. Ageing resistance;
  • Phosphatability: Phosphate coating thickness and composition, morphology, surface covering degree;
  • Paintability:  E-coat priming and full painting, cratering threshold potential, surface properties, stone chipping resistance;
  • Corrosion: Cyclic tests (VDA 621-415, Renault, GME…), Outdoor Volvo test, monitored exposition field.

As far as adhesive technologies are concerned, the CSM capability covers the following topics:

  • Application-driven adhesive selections;
  • Surface treatments;
  • Joint design and optimization;
  • Industrial cycle design;
  • Prototyping;
  • Full scale testing;
  • Cost evaluations.

The CSM offer about hybrid multilayer composites  panels concerns the following capabilities:  

  • •Selection of materials;
  • Design of composites;
  • Qualification and testing of sandwich panels;
  • Development of product applications.

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