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Coating Materials

“Surface Engeneering” for CSM means developing surface solutions for advanced needs by way of complex depositions routes.

On the basis of the deep knowledge on surface thermodynamics and kinetics matched to the unique skill in handling the appropriate process technologies, CSM researchers are able to create surface and coating structures, chemical compositions and optimised interfaces well-tuned with the physical and applicative problems.

CSM customers have thus the opportunity of experimenting columnar PVD or CVD coatings tailored to capture selected radiation wavelengths or special doped semiconductors featured with intrinsic plasma wavelength tuned to shift radiation frequency or, moreover, oxides structures capable to exalt the photocatalytic surface decomposition of long-chained organic molecules.

Such expertise allows us to sinthesize surfaces endowed with special and agreable colour tonalities and gradations simply acting on the coating stoichiometry through a fine deposition tuning also able to guarantee a long life use.

Metallurgy and ceramic material have a significant role in targeting advanced wear, corrosion and thermal resistant coatings also taking advanced of plasma spray technologies.
The right volumetric percentage of hard second phases, the interaction of the coating with the substrate alloy, the choice of self-lubricating metallic matrix coatings designed to have low friction coefficients and wear rate even at high exercise temperatures, or the coating chemical compositions and structures thought to have high corrosion resistance are only some of the theoretical counterparts of a tribological and corrosionistic culture which permits to the CSM metallurgists to develop high profile solutions for industry.

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