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Though most engineers, technicians and industry managers consider a routine activity dealing with the problems caused by corrosion, there is rarely a full awareness about its effects on industrial global costs and social fall-outs in terms of production unavailability and injuries to people.

Corrosion issues condition both the design and construction of industrial plants and machines and their operational management, the selection of materials, design allowances, protective coatings, sealants, inhibitors and cathodic protections or inspection plannings, maintenance and repairs.

Corrosion-related costs and safety issues are generally relevant at both the civil and industrial level, yet they become of paramount importance for such industrial sectors like the Oil&Gas, Energy, Aeronautic and Naval.

The Oil&Gas and Energy industries (oil and gas exploration and production, petroleum refining, gas transport, etc) are undertaking intense amounts of scrutiny on corrosion to increase the awareness about the release of pollutants to air, soil or water caused by corrosion leaks.

The corrosion problem also attracts a growing attention from the aeronautical and naval sectors in relationship to the maintenance costs, the reliability and safety of civil and military fleets.

In this respect, Corrosion - in its aspects of prevention, mitigation and repair - has become so relevant an issue, as to make Centro Sviluppo Materiali S.p.A. a technological reference centre for anyone who deals with corrosion topics both at industrial, scientific and normative level.

Many dacades of cross-national cooperations and active partecipation to the Material and Corrosion Standardization Committees works (i.e., NACE T1F Metallurgy and Oilfield Equipment Working Parties, EFC – European Federation of Corrosion, etc.) guarantee this position.

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