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Lab & Facilities

The Corrosion Lab supports all CSM activites related to R&D projects and services on corrosion. The skill of the personnel and its equipment endowment make the lab a well-known and reliable partner to industry in solving problems, choosing the best-fitted materials for the application to be developed, and supplying technological data for the design of industrial and civil systems and structures.

The Lab also offers service of materials characterization concerning the following topics:

  • Stress Corrosion Cracking;
  • Sulphide Stress Cracking;
  • Hydrogen Embrittlement;
  • Pitting and Crevice corrosion;
  • Uniform Corrosion and Stress Corrosion Resistance;
  • Environmental Exposure and corrosion;
  • Electrochemical Corrosion;
  • Galvanic Corrosion.

To do that the lab can count on the following apparata:

  • SCC Equipment
  • HP/HT Equipment.

As far as it concerns the characterisation of surfaces at environmental exposure, CSM is endowed with several atmospheric exposure sites equipped with apparata and devices for evaluating the corrosion behaviour in actual outdoor environmental conditions.

A wide number of environmental conditions are available at the CSM exposure sites. They are positioned in areas classified in terms of atmospheric aggressiveness, according to international standards (UNI EN 12500, ISO 9224).
CSM’s Exposure Sites are placed at the following locations:

  • Castel Romano (Roma): rural/marine environment
  • CNR-ISMAR (Genova) – Harbour site: industrial/marine environment
  • Terni: industrial environment.

Exposure sites are equipped with weather stations for monitoring and recording the main environmental parameters like: temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, rain amount and chemical composition , solar irradiation, wet film, speed and direction of wind.

Components or parts can be exposed on structures specifically built. Evaluation of the exposed materials behaviour, consulting and access to data base are supplied to customers.

CSM's environmental exposure testing faciliies include accelerated corrosion devices located in climate chambers able to asusme the physical parameters within the following ranges:
  • Temperature : -40 +180 °C;
  • R.H. range (-20/+94°C): 10% … 98%.
with the following characteristics:
  • Precision over time (T): ± 0,25 … ± 0,3 °C;
  • Heating speed: 3,9 °C/min;
  • Cooling speed: 2,5 °C/min;
  • R.H. precision: ± 1% … ± 3%.
Those allow to carry out a number of accelerated cyclic tests for the most common specifications for the auto, infrastructure and home appliance sectors.
The CSM lab capability is also endowed with electrochemical devices permitting to trace the materials/medium polarization curves and the electrochemical noise under Direct Current conditions, and for the electrochemical impedance spectroscopy to analyze electrolitic corrosion in Alternate Current conditions.

CSM Corrosion Lab is also endowed with equipments for the  monitoring of the corrosion phenomena as caused by the presence of sulphate reducing bacteria and low pH electrolytic acqueous solution, and to test the effects of cathodic protection systems.
These experimental equipments are particularly appreciated for the development of advanced material solutions for the Oil&Gas transport pipelines.

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