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Technological Offer

The CSM Capability on corrosion is aimed at conveying research results, materials characterisation data, alloy metallurgical design and expertises on corrosion into reliability gains for industrial applications.

Its technological offer is directed to:

  • evaluate the materials performances;
  • transfer labs data to service conditions;
  • analyse failures caused by corrosion mechanisms;
  • support the alloy design to improve corrosion features;
  • study the nucleation and propagation of the corrosion attack;
  • study the hydrogen embrittlement phenomena;
  • study the localised corrosion processes;
  • study stress corrosion mechanisms;
  • characterize surfaces with regards to environmental exposure;
  • study solutions aimed at protecting components and structures against corrosion (i.e., paints, cathodic protection, coatings, etc.);
  • assist alloys producers to fit high corrosion quality standards;
  • elaborate process requirements.
This capability covers all kinds of materials, from stainless and duplex steel, Ni-base alloys, etc.  to light alloys and single-, multilayer-coated products exposed to most fluids (inorganic acids, chlorides, sulphides, etc.).

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