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Energy & Environment

If one considers that each year European Union produces about 1,3 billion tonnes of wastes and that some of them are really toxic and hazardous, it becomes quite clear that the Energy and Environment matter has already started to strongly simpact strongly on our daily life, so forcing toward some unaivoidable individual and collective choices which will affect our lifestyle and the space we are living in.

This is why most of the advanced nations and, in particular, the European Union started “to think” strategically in order to define an integrated and complex approach to the problem founded on some clear and well-identified guidelines:

  • Prevention
  • Reuse
  • Recycling
  • Inertisation
  • Energy recovery
of wastes which leaves landfill only as the last resort and stricktly devoted to the inert wastes storage.

So, it appears very evident that our community is expected to face with a really complex topic which requires an overall approach to be afforded and solved with success.
In respect with that philosophy, Centro Sviluppo Materiali S.p.A. is fully aware that only an integrated modern management system is the good answer to this challange and that a noticeable effort is waiting for us in order to have reliable, efficient and advanced innovative technologies for Energy and Environment.
This means to reason about advanced technology platforms and acting to turn them to reality.
CSM has all the technological tools to do that!

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