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Lab & Facilities

Centro Sviluppo Materiali S.p.A. Iron- and Steelmaking capability develops by means of the High Temperature Chemistry Laboratory and the Material Characterization Laboratory.

The former is endowed with the following apparatus:

  • Electrical furnaces equipped with a weighing machine for thermo-gravimetric tests and controlled atmosphere thermal treatments (up to 1650 °C) for the measurement of the weight change versus temperature on samples weighting up to 1 kg;
  • Thermal analysis equipments devoted to the Tg and DTA measurement in controlled atmosphere, up to the temperature of 2200 °C, on samples weighting up to 500 gr.;
  • A rotoviscosimeter for slag and casting powders operating up to 1600 °C;
  • A Laser flash apparatus for thermal diffusivity measurement operatng at up to 2000 °C.
The latter is equipped with the following devices:
  • Polarising optical microscopes for the quantitative analysis, measurements in the transmitted and reflected light, textural analysis in the reflected light on non-metallic, cokes, oxides and carbonaceous materials;
  • two Heating microscope (up to 1600 °C and 1700°C, respectively) for the measurement of the characteristic temperatures of materials (for melting, softening and deformation):
  • An apparatus for the technological characterization of coal and coke;
  • Several furnaces with different sizes, heating rates and the possibility to work in a controlled atmosphere. Sampling can be done during the treatments. 

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