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Magnetic Measurements

The CSM magnetic Lab operates as the qualified center of competence for research in the field of magnetism and magnetic material.

The laboratory plays a fundamental role in the study and exploitation of the relations between the magnetic properties and the microstructures of steel and other materials. Its research activity is mainly devoted to the development of new Electrical Steel products and it works in tight collaboration with other CSM entities like the Heat Treatments Lab and the Pilot Treatment Line which represents the final experimental level before transferring this technology to industrial production.

The Magnetic Measurement Lab is respectively equipped to characterise Grain Oriented and Non-Oriented Electrical Steels in terms of Standard and Magnetostriction properties.

Standard chracterisation section:
This section is equipped with EPSTEIN gauges and Single Sheet Tester (SST 500x500) working in accordance with the international standard IEC 60404-2 and IEC 60404-3. Another SST (BSD 280) is mainly used for research. These instruments can work in the polarization range J=0.1÷2 T up to a magnetic field H ≤20000 A/m). The work frequency range is 5÷400 Hz for the EPSTEIN gauge and 5÷150 Hz for both the Single Sheet Testers.

Magnetostriction characterization section:
This second section is equipped with a prototypal experimental facility used to evaluate the magnetostriction and its contribution to acoustic noise in transformer. This equipment can also work with a dynamic spectrum analyzer in order to perform the harmonic analysis of magnetostriction signals.

Typical features of the apparatus:

Yoke lenght 470 mm.
Sample size 100x660 mm (thickness 0.23÷0.65 mm)
Polarization J= 0.01T ÷1.95T
Magnetic Field H=<10 kA/m
Frequency f=10 Hz÷150Hz
[1] J. Magn. Magn. Mater. 160 (1996) 167

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