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Mechanical Testing

This lab of Centro Sviluppo Materiali S.p.A.'s carries out mechanical tests both on specimens and small scale component models, as shown below:

  • Standard mechanical tests such as tensile, compression, bending, hardness and charpy measurements;
  • Fracture mechanics in terms of plane stress, plane strain, KIC, JIC,CTOD, crack growth and evaluation of defects instability;
  • Fatigue mechanics both in elastic and plastic fields under a constant and variable applied load, and evaluation of the service life of mechanical components;
  • Stress rupture creep tests also in combination with tension-torsion applied loads (maximum applied load 50kN);
  • Creep fatigue;
  • Thermomechanical fatigue;
  • Four-point bending mechanical tests up to 1400°C.
Upon customers' requests, the mechanical tests can be also carried out simulating the operational environment through air, saline fogs, sea water and extreme temperatures ranging from -196°C and 1400°C.

In terms of logistics, the mechanical testing lab is composed of two sections respectively devoted to mechanical and creep testing.

Extended over an area of ~650 sq/m and served by four 2000l/min pumping capability main hydraulic pumps, the former lab is equipped with:

  • 13 servo-hydraulic testing apparata with a maximum load capacity of 2500 KN;
  • 4 servo-mechanic testing machines featured with a maximum load capacity of 100kN;
  • 3 benches for tests on components, equippable with 5 2500 kN maximum applied load servo-hydraulics actuators;
  • 2 servo-mechanical machines for thermomechanical testing.
The latter extending over approximately 350 sq/m , is equipped with:
  • 24 four-chained Distington with a total capacity of 288 specimens designed to perform creep tests (up to 750°C);
  • 4 single-specimen equipments for stress-rupture testing (up to 1150°C);
  • 6 single-specimen equipments for stress-rupture testing (up to 1050°C);
  • 12 single-specimen Setec machines for stress-rupture testing (up to 980 °C);
  • No. 5 Amsler machines for stress-rupture testing (up to 750°C).

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