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The CSM Nanotechnology Capability covers the field of Bulk Nanostructured Metals, Nano Coatings and Nano-Reinforced Polymeric Matrix Composites.

It is turned into a technological offer which concerns the following typologies of applications:

  • Wear and friction;
  • Catalysis;
  • Radiation adsorpsion and reflectance;
  • High strength metal alloys;
  • High strength polimeric matrix composite.

The customers, who decide to share a partnership with CSM on nanotechnologies, can take advantage of two peculiarities typical of the CSM approach, that is a mode of work focused on product development based on advanced research and the availability of large scale equipments which allow to bring to the market the scientific results.

So, whoever wishes to extend the exercise life of tools and mechanical components, think how to reduce friction and lubricants amount or aims at pursuing more performing mirrors and optics with a selected behaviour for specific wavebands or, more generally, needs to go beyond the performances of its own product by adopting non-standard solutions, can find at CSM a reliable partner.

The CSM Nanotechnology Capability is the result of a net access to several CSM labs endowed with the most advanced facilities like:

  • Plasma Spraying (PS)
  • Electron Beam-Physical Vapour Deposition (EB-PVD)
  • Arc+sputtering-Physiscal Vapour Deposition
  • Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition (PA-CVD).
  • Accumulative Roll Bonding

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