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Technological Offer

In the field of Solidification Technology, Centro Sviluppo Materiali S.p.A.'s offer encompasses the following topics:
  • Analysis of customer problem;
  • Setting of physical models;
  • Development of software tools making use of several numerical models;
  • Analysis of the elaboration results to find solutions and/or countermeasures;
  • Design of machine and mould geometry;
  • Define of casting practices for common or innovative materials;
  • Design of innovative processes.
Our modelling technologies offer is focused on the following topics :
  • 2D thermo-fluid-dynamics-mechanics of moulds and solidifying alloys through Marc, Fluent and Phonecs
  • 2D thermo-fluid-dynamics and mass transport for alloys solidification in ingot moulds through Calcosoft;
  • phase evolution, microsegregation, precipitates formation during solidification;
  • dendrite tip growth through Thermocalc, Ids, Cdg and home-made software;
  • grain evolution during solidification through Calcosoft;
  • thermal evolution along the continuous casting line;
  • heat exchange in the mould taking into account the lubricant thermo-physical behaviour;
  • mould-shell gaps in mould tapers;
  • round and square billet and slab mould tapers;
  • fluid-dynamics of the flux in the mould-shell gap;
  • mould-shell friction through home-made software.
Solidification models are tuned and tested on CSM experimental facilities or customer plants.

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