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Steel Treatment Lines

Trying to depicting the right scenario of the finishing technologies means to have an exhaustive picture of their state-of-the art.

In this context, it looks quite clear the exigence expressed by the market within the last three decades for steel strips superior cleanliness, higher productivity, active functional role of coatings, etc. while decreasing the manufacturing time.
Although the accomplished remarkable achievements are today so posetively reflected into the product quality and capability of steel makers to better fit and satisfy the demand rising from end-users, likewise the next future will require to move a further step ahead in pickling, annealing and electrolytic coatings technologies.

Thus, the technological research will have to face a wide set of topics, some of which are briefly listed hereafter:
  • enhancing pickling efficiency through both physical humid and dry approaches
  • lowering the process time, injurious gas emissions and liquid process wastes
  • guaranteeing the complete metal oxide recycling
  • improving heating and cooling of carbon, electrical and stainless steels • making the processes pliabler and designed to dinamically adapt itself to different metallurgical constraints
  • exploring the potentiality of new dry coating routes as the Physical or Chemical Vapour Deposition
  • avoiding efficiently the harmful use of such dangerous components as Cr6+
  • developping less expensive coatings
  • affording the coatability of high strength steels

Within this technological scenario Centro Sviluppo Materiali S.p.A. can be considered as a natural liason between the past time and the future technlogical horizons. Infact, the solid and rich patrimony of Know-How it has developped both on conventional, advanced and environment-friendly solutions, the skill of its personnel, the endowment of apparatus and the capability to offer integrated and simple solutions to complex matters, makes it an irreplaceable partner for steel manufacturers and end-users searching for new products and competitiveness.

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