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Structural Integrity

Oil&Gas is a technology-driven sector, since the economical-viable exploitation of field located in very harsh environments and demanding operating conditions ask for new technological solutions.

Accordingly the Oil&Gas community is quite aware that being operational in the Gulf of Mexico or in Brasilian ultra-deep waters, extracting gas at the North Sea or in the Caspian area, or trasporting gas across harsh orographic territories instead of plain lands implies different approaches in the choice of technologies and materials to be adopted or on their development.

Materials for structural and functional components play a very important role. The evaluation of the reliability of the technological solutions through a sound structural integrity assessment is a well-established strong-hold for Centro Sviluppo Materiali S.p.A..
The operational environment strongly influences the Oil&Gas components and systems structural reliability due to jointed phenomena like the corrosion exerted by process fluids, the mechanical fatigue caused by applied fluidodynamic (exerted by the process and by atmospheric storms), structural and thermal loads, or the occasional damages whcih are a consequence of third-party interference (like those caused by excavator on linepipes.
Engineering assessment tools, techniques and methodologies are thus going to be unavoidable elements in the design and for the long-term integrity evaluation of pipelines, marine structures, buildings, bridges, and petrochemical equipments.
In order to improve the understanding of fundamental ageing and degradation mechanisms of structural parts to better define, for example,
  • how the structural integrity over time is conditioned by them;
  • how these are to be effectively managed for the in-field structures realtime monitoring and repairing;
  • how they must be correlated to modern risk assessment and lifetime prediction/assessment methodologies,
is demanded that such classical disciplines as structural engineering and design, materials technology, specialised testing and risk assessment work smoothly together in order to fit and satisfy the industrial needs.
Centro Sviluppo Materiali S.p.A has qualitatively redirected its own approach to R&D to guarantee those requirements and has endowed its laboratories with remarkable full-scale testing facilities, so presenting itself today as a well recognised top level technological partner acting worldwide and through the whole manufacturing chain of Oil&Gas structural products development.

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