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Surface Engineering

The Surface Engineering operational capability is supported by some of the most advanced research facilities for the surface modifications of components and structures in the world.

It is a matter of fact that the demand for more stressed performances has made the industrial and research community aware of the exigence of specialising and splitting duties and functions, being impossible to target materials and alloys able to maximize at once the bulk characteristics and challenging surface requirements. According to this philosophy, the "Surface Engineering" becomes a powerful instrument in the design of mechanical components and structures which give the possibility of indipendently approaching and solving the structural and surface problems.


Surface Engineering implies nearly as many technological multidisciplinarity cultures as the multitude of the industrial problems it must deal with, i.e., from wear and friction, corrosion, thermal insulation, catalysis, radiation absorpion, good-looking surfaces up to the selective interaction with chemical compounds. Multidisciplinarity also means the capability to face the problem with the most suitable technology, with the help of a large number of facilities, some of them straightly conceived to approach very specialised applications. Finally, it extends its operational range in developing structures like the complex thick multilayer composite panels aimed at adsorbing electromagnetic microwawes.


In this respect, Centro Sviluppo Materiali has gained a significant skill based on a three decades' experience of cooperation with national and international industries, academies, research centers, a rich provision of equipments (i.e., Plasma Spray,PA-PVD, etc.) all this coupled with a high researchers and technicians professionality.

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