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Lab & Facilities

The chance to give the best-fitted answer to customers' technological needs comes from the broad availability of different advanced and conventional apparata which CSM is endowed with.

The following facilities are allowable at the site of Rome:

  • CO2 transverse flow laser;
  • CO2 slab laser;
  • Nd:YAG laser;
  • Friction Stir Welding;
  • Gas Tungsten-Arc Welding (GTAW)
  • Gas Metal-Arc Welding (GMAW)
  • Plasma-Arc Welding (PAW).
The CO2 transverse flow laser is powered by a 6 kW source, equipped with 2.5 *5 m sized working table and is driven by a 5-axis programmable robot which permits to treat flat and bended frames and components.
The maximum speed achievable by the laser head is approximately 10m/min and the maximum weldable thickness is 10 mm (in the case of steel components or structures).
The CO2 slab laser is equipped with a 2.5 kW source which allows it to have a significant gaussian-shaped beam (k³0.8).
This better power distribution guarantees smallest spots, less thermal distorsions, more accurate welding tracks and gives the chance to manage lowest-sized pieces than high-powered CO2 laser.
It is specialised to handle steel and aluminium alloys.
The laser head is assembled on a 5-axis robot and makes use of the same working table of the previous 6 kW laser.
The 4.4 kW diode pumped Nd:YAG laser couples good beam quality to the possibility to delivery the beam through the optical fibers. In fact, their employ gives this kind of laser more flexibility than CO2 ones, thus permitting it to follow three-dimension routes and manage complex-shaped pieces, too.
In terms of performance, it allows to weld steel and aluminium alloys thicknesses up to, respectively, 6.5 and 5 mm,
guaranteeing a productivity of about 40 m/min.
It is installed on a 6-axis antropomorphous robot which allows to program and actuate complex 3-D routes.
The metallic alloy joining through Friction Stirr Welding (FSW), differently from the laser technology, takes advantage of the heat produced by the high rotation speed of an element pushed against the shoulders to be joined. This approach prevents the materials from melting, being the joint obtained through the material plasticization and smearing.

Therefore FSW allows, if compared with the laser technology, to avoid any UV emission, smoke, melted drops and spark emission and guarantees a more safe, clean and environmental friendly process.

In terms of final product characteristics, it is possible to obtain joints featuring higher mechanical properties and less distortions as well.
Conceived to mainly process light and copper alloys, the FSW equipment has a 2000*400 mm sized working table, it reaches a maximum joyning speed of about 2m/min and can weld 2D components or frames in the thickness range from 3 mm (copper alloys) up to 10 mm (Al alloys).
As far as the more conventional welding equipments are concerned:
  • the GTAW and PAW/GMAW apparata are, respectively, fed by 450 A and 300 A inverter electric generators;
  • the GMAW can be installed on the laser working table and controlled by a 6-axis robot;
  • PAW and GTAW avail themselves of a 3 meter long working table.
The above conventional technologies available at CSM can manage all kinds of metallic alloys and weld thicknesses.
These ones are also interesting when coupled with lasers, because the results achievable by means of their cooperative work allows to overcome the limits of each of them to attain: higher solder feed rate, multi solders feed and the possibility of jointing with a broad initial gap. In this respect CSM has already gained a remarkable experience.
This large endowement of equipments is completed by the availability of NDT devices to study and qualify both the welding process and its product. Some of them are listed hearafter:
  • Industrial radiography (160 KV minifocus, 300 KV minifocus);
  • Ultrasonic control pulse echo TOFD;
  • Magnetoscopic control;
  • Penetrant dye control.

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