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Technological Offer

As far as welding is concerned, CSM technological offer consists of:

  • development of solutions through automated and robotised GMAW, GTAW, PAW;
  • development of solutions through Laser Beam (LBW) and Friction Stir Welding (FSW);
  • study and definition of the best operational welding practices for metallic materials;
  • study and evaluation of materials weldability and their sensitiveness to cracks;
  • process and metallurgical simulation through commercial (SYSWELD) and home-made numerical codes;
  • re-design or development of more performing components and structures;
  • supply to customers of prototypical new welded products and full-scale added-value little series productions;
  • microstructral, microanalytical and failure analysis of welded joints;
  • mechanical testing on welded structures and components both at coupon and full scale level;
  • contribution to standards implementation;
  • upgrading and reconversion of complex welding, cutting equipments and related ancillary technologies;
  • consulting support to customers on the choice, final inspection and setting in motion of the best configuration of innovative welding facilities;
  • welding quality systems optimisation;
  • training.

In developing complex structural solutions CSM avails itself of the support of such other CSM capabilites as those related to modelling, simulating, forming, shaping, etc.

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