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Roma 29 Maggio, 2008 - Prospettive su Materiali Avanzati e Nanotecnologie per Applicazioni Difesa
Find our new Workshops, Seminars and Conferences. - Thursday 29 May 2008
New test at Perdasedefogu
News - Wednesday 12 March 2008
Last March, CSM has carried out in its full-scale test station of Perdasdefogu (Sardinia, Italy) a full-scale ductile fracture propagation burst test on high-grade large diameter linepipes, for a major international client. The results of the test can be considered as a key-step for difining reliability criteria against ductile fracture propagation in future ultra-high pressure gas pipelines.
Rome 5-6 February 2008 - MindSh@re Event 2008 - Centro Alti Studi per la Difesa
Find our new Workshops, Seminars and Conferences. - Tuesday 5 February 2008
Official Agreement for the Constitution of the Regional Technological Aerospace District
Extraordinary event list - Monday 10 December 2007
On May 5th 2006 at CSM has been signed the Official Agreement between the "MUR", Ministry for University, Reserach and Industry, and the Lazio Region for the constitution of the Technological Aerospace District.
CSM Gasification Plant
News - Friday 7 December 2007
An innovative gasification plant was delivered last Friday Dec. 7th at CSM Castel Romano site...
On-Shore Full Scale Burst Test X100 Grade Steel Gas Pipes
News - Monday 4 June 2007
CSM carries out a ductile fracture propagation full scale burst test on X100 grade steel gas pipes...
CSM attends the Airi-Day on Excellence of the Italian Industrial Research
News - Wednesday 9 May 2007
CSM awarded with the "2006 OSCAR MASI" Prize ...
News - Thursday 26 April 2007
The conference is organised under the auspices of the European Commission and jointly with the Warsaw University of Technology by the Steel Companies and Universities, stakeholders of the European Steel Technology Platform ESTEP.
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