Flameless combustion modelling using detailed chemistry mechanism

AUTHOR/S: V. Battaglia1*, E. Malfa1, M.Stazi1, M. Fantuzzi2 1 Centro Sviluppo Materiali , Dalmine, Italy 2 Tenova LOI Italimpianti, Genova, Italy" R/S PAPER PRESENTED TO: ECM 2011 - European Combustion Meeting – Cardiff (UK), 28th June–1st July 2011


The Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) approach of CSM to the simulation of flameless burner has been updated introducing detailed chemistry mechanisms. The improvement has been necessary to properly predict the intermediate species (CO, OH) fields for natural gas burner and to allow the simulation of syngas one. The detailed chemistry mechanisms have been implemented in frame of the Eddy Dissipation Concept (EDC) for the modelling of turbulence-chemistry interaction.


The model has been applied for the simulation of flameless industrial burners with different air preheating temperature level. Comparison with experimental data indicated that models based on the EDC associated to detailed chemistry can be integrated in the design cycle of industrial burners when the combustion air temperature is higher than auto-ignition temperature of the fuel (regenerative combustion system). On the contrary in case of lower air temperature preheating (<600°C) the EDC model constant has to be modified to obtain the same accuracy of high temperature air conditions.

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