Novel Rolling Methods for Advanced High Strength Hot Rolled Steels (ROLLINGAHSS)

AUTHOR/S: L. Langellotto, C. Sciaboni, J. H. Bianchi, F. Dionisi Vici PAPER PRESENTED TO: RFCS - RFSR-CT-2008-00023


ROLLINGAHSS project was focused on the evaluation and optimization of the challenging rolling phenomena and methods to enable fabrication of advanced high strength steels (AHSS) product with good quality on production scale respect to strip flatness and geometric tolerance.


This project was carried out in collaboration among four research institutes, TECNALIA, BFI, CSM and Swerea MEFOS; one university, University of Oulu and ArcelorMittal España SA steel producer.


In ROLLINGAHSS project, CSM has carried out the characterization of ArcelorMittal España S550MC steel grade. CSM has defined and performed several tests on its pilot mill in order to validate the proposed rheological law, the austenite deformation model and the austenite decomposition model. The results of proposed and implemented models are in agreement with the experimental data. 


Several simulations for ROT cooling process of ArcelorMittal España HSM have been performed: results of these simulations are in agreement with actual flatness problems identified on the plant for the considered coils.

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