Pirolisi di biomassa per la produzione di char e syngas per una applicazione in siderurgia

AUTHOR/S : Filippo Cirilli, Antonello Di Donato - Centro Sviluppo Materiali - Loris Bianco - Ferriere Nord spa - Osoppo, Udine Andrea Moriconi, Erica Moriconi - Tecnocentro Eng. srl - Terni


Steelmaking slag has been commonly used the construction sector, replacing the higher value natural materials. In case of EAF slag, after cooling, a fraction of chromium may exist as Cr2O3. Since hexavalent chromium is soluble in water, the slag produced during the electrical route process requires a leaching test before landfill or reuse. In the paper, the leaching behavior of a Cr-bearing EAF slag has been deeply studied in order to prove the eco-compatibility of this kind of material in construction market with particular regards to the road construction. Laboratory test at CSM and industrial experimentations at TenarisDalmine plant show that significant cooling rates are highly effective in order to nullify Cr leaching and to guarantee the mechanical characteristics to use EAF slag for civil applications.

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