International Research Projects

International Research Projects - Monday 27 February 2012
AUTHOR/S: E. Aries (Tata Steel) D. Mirabile (CSM) W. Huang (UFSD)
Novel Rolling Methods for Advanced High Strength Hot Rolled Steels (ROLLINGAHSS)
International Research Projects - Friday 11 November 2011
AUTHOR/S: L. Langellotto, C. Sciaboni, J. H. Bianchi, F. Dionisi Vici PAPER PRESENTED TO: RFCS - RFSR-CT-2008-00023
Flameless combustion modelling using detailed chemistry mechanism
International Research Projects - Tuesday 28 June 2011
AUTHOR/S: V. Battaglia1*, E. Malfa1, M.Stazi1, M. Fantuzzi2 1 Centro Sviluppo Materiali , Dalmine, Italy 2 Tenova LOI Italimpianti, Genova, Italy" R/S PAPER PRESENTED TO: ECM 2011 - European Combustion Meeting – Cardiff (UK), 28th June–1st July 2011
Upgrading and utilisation of residual iron oxide materials for hot metal production (URIOM)
International Research Projects - Monday 2 May 2011
AUTHOR/S: M.I. Pistelli, D. Mirabile PAPER PRESENTED TO: RFSR-CT-2007-00010 - Final report
Cost and energy effective management of EAF with flexible charge material mix
International Research Projects - Wednesday 30 March 2011
AUTHOR/S: E. Malfa,V.Volponi, M. Scotto, P.Frittella (CSM) - B. Kleimt, R. Pierre (BFI), M.Dormann (CRM) - E. Filippini (FERALPI) - I. Kolm, B. Dettmer (Georgsmarienhütte), E. Sandberg (MEFOS) - A. Gustafsson (Ovako) - I. Unamuno (Sidenor) PAPER PRESENTED TO: RFCS - RFSR-CT-2007-00008 - (Flexcharge)
Improvement of hearth drainage efficiency and refractory life for high BF productivity and a well adjusted reductant injection rate at varying coke quality
International Research Projects - Friday 18 February 2011
AUTHOR/S: E. Faraci (CSM), G. Lonzi (Lucchini), P.G. Perini (Lucchini) PAPER PRESENTED TO: RFCS - RFS-CR-07001 FR
Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy for Advanced Characterisation and Sorting of Steel Scrap LCS
International Research Projects - Wednesday 15 December 2010
AUTHOR/S:U. Chiarotti; V. Volponi PAPER PRESENTED TO: RFCS-CT-2006-00035
Improvement of purging plugs performances by material investigations, process analysis and continuous measurements
International Research Projects - Saturday 30 October 2010
AUTHOR/S: M. Tonelli, T. Coppola, U. Martini (CSM) PAPER PRESENTED TO: RFSR CT 2005 00005
Metallurgical design of high strength austenitic Fe-C-Mn steels with excellent formability
International Research Projects - Wednesday 31 March 2010
AUTHOR/S: A. Ferraiuolo, A. Smith PAPER PRESENTED TO: RFSR-CT-2005-00030 DATE: March 2010
International Research Projects - Monday 2 November 2009
AUTHOR/S M.I. Pistelli, D. Mirabile PAPER PRESENTED TO RFCS RFCR-CT-2006-00003 REFEREE E. Faraci, L. Di Sante, V. Ratto, P. Gimondo KIND OF RESEARCH Product

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